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Tantalizing Sides

When evaluating what to pair with soup or consommé,  consideration  first  flavour and texture. The flavour of the pairing  should complement, while providing  a bit of contrast. Lighter soups or consommés require sides that are a bit more substantial, while heartier soups are best served with sides that are light and crunchy. 


If your side goes onto the soup, consider a dollop of creme fraiche, a spoon of pesto or a drizzle of hot sauce.  
Roasted pumpkin seeds add nutrition. Even small amounts  provide a substantial quantity of healthy fats, magnesium and zinc.
Whether creamed tomato or roasted squash, bacon bits on any creamed soup is classic and satisfying.
If soup takes centre stage at a dinner party, take a page from Asian cuisine and create several options so guests can self serve.


When your side dips into the soup you have a myriad of options. With the robust flavours of chicken noodle soup or  beef veggie soup or the subtle flavour of your favourite infused consommé, cornbread is a perfect side particularly when looking for an alternative to garlic bread.  For those on Keto, Wholesome Yum is one of the best sites going.  Delicious and totally dippable.

If you are on Keto, a cheesy cauliflower bread is the perfect dippers for creamy tomato soup or the perfect side for a hot cup of infused consommé.  Just top with  your favourite shredded cheese,  add some parsley and/or a spot of hot spice – think crushed chili peppers. Broil in oven until golden.

Toasted sourdough garlic bread is a fan favourite for the dipping but if on Keto, remember not all sourdough bread is gluten free.

Many commercially made sourdoughs are made with wheat flour.  If you’re into making your own gluten free sourdough this 4-ingredient gluten free sourdough bread recipe perfect. 

When serving infused consommés nothing hits the spot like a French Dip. Fast and easy to make, when in the mood for these dipping treasures head to your local deli. Select  the rarest cut of roast beef. Rarer is better because you’ll be heating the beef to melt the cheese the oven and you don want it to get tough.

While at the deli grab some of your favourite cheese. The melt down factor is important here. Provolone is perfect but so is apple smoked cheddar or some lovely asiago or nutty Swiss. 

 As for rolls — crunchy or soft, baguette or thick sliced loaf; the choice is yours.   

Another option is adding caramelized onions for maximum affect. Don't care for onions go with mushrooms.  
When ready to serve allow 15 minutes prep if your have all the ingredients.  Slice the roll and stack ingredients then top with cheese.  Pop into the over open faced, until cheese melts.  If you want to crisp up the top slice, pan fry for a couple of minutes in olive oil.  That’s it.  As Mr. Oliver says…easy peasy. This dish is easy to prepare, so tap into your inner chef and be as creative as you like. BTW you don’t have to stick to roast beef. While it’s considered classic, roasted chicken works well when paired with your favourite chicken consommé.  Oh, hot mustard or horseradish spread on the top slice is very yummy if your looking for a little heat.If you want to go decadent, add a plate of sweet potato fries

On The Side...

When your side is going near the soup, that’s when your inner chef can really shine. Pasta is the perfect pairing for soup or consommé. To keep the carb load down these low-carb zoodles  are great. The site has several different ways to dress them up but our fav is with warm butter and a sprinkle of parm.  To keep them firm, don’t overcook. Always add sauce after cooking zucchini. 

If you don’t have a spiral veg cutter, try oven roasting  parmesan zucchini sticks from  This cooking site is a favourite.  Her vegetables spring rolls with peanut sauce is amazing.  As is her Cajun Shrimp Toast.

If  keeping carbs low, when it comes to side-dishes go basic.  Mini pizzas made with small pita rounds topped any way you like fits the bill.  Or…..

…a zero-carb wrap filled to the brim with any savoury goodness is the perfect solution – perfect vehicle for left overs.   

Danish open-faced sandwiches are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. They can take a dining experience to a new level. 

Danish sandwiches are meant to be eaten with a fork and knife.


Where’s My Spoon has some excellent easy to make recipes for these delicious Danish delicacies. 

Danish sandwich also make great finger food to accompany that perfect bowl of soup or serving of consommé.

When Salad is Calling...

You can’t go wrong with a salad as a side.  This hardy Vegetarian Italian Chopped Salad with a bold vinaigrette is so good it’s become a regular go-to. 

For variety this Nicoise Salad is scrumptious It comes from a cooking blog called  The couple who created the site posted several interesting salad dressings which we haven’t tried yet, but have book marked for when time allows. 

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Wrap It Up

When it comes to making savoury wraps, much like a great sandwich, the best wraps are not fussy but flavourful.  The key is to first determine what kind of wraps works for you. 

Flour tortillas – work well. Warm the tortilla until pliable; it helps you avoid tearing when you roll your wrap. But beware: a 12-inch flour tortilla may contain nearly 300 calories with more carbs than three slices of bread. Look for ones made with vegetables oils. 

Pita is surprisingly healthier. It contains 85 calories while the tortilla has 104.  The amount of fat in a pita is less than 1 gram while the tortilla has slightly more than 2 grams of fat for the same serving.

Low Carb Crepes are ready-to-eat and the size of  burritos but with zero net carbs.  

The Art of the Roll

First things first. To avoid spillage on your plate, on the floor, or on your shirt, mastering the roll is paramount to a satisfactory culinary experience. 

The trick is not to overstuff.
  Place fillings on the lower third of wrap and leave enough room on each side for the folds.

Quick & Easy Fillings

Don’t be hesitant to explore different food combinations, sauces and spreads. And don’t forget,  wraps are a great way to use up leftovers whether served  warmed or at room temperature.

Veggie Wraps
Combine handful of shredded red cabbage with salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Leave for 10 minutes.

Spread two wraps with  hummus each.  How much is up to you.  Top with  cabbage, a grated carrot, a few slices of red and yellow pepper and add a handful of baby spinach. 

Roll up and enjoy.

Avocado, Cucumber & Feta
Dice a small avocado, add  a diced baby cucumber.  Toss with a bit lime or lemon juice. Season with salt or Organic Low Sodium Tamari.  Add chilli flakes for a little heat, if you wish.

Crumble six or seven tablespoons (100g) of feta with 2 tbsp natural yogurt and mash as you like it.  Chunky or smooth it’s up to you.  Season with pepper.

Spread feta mix over two wraps. Top with avocado and cucumber mix.  Roll up and enjoy.

BLT Wrap
Spread softened cream cheese on each wrap tortilla. Combine cut tomatoes, avocado, green onion, cooked bacon, ranch salad dressing and mix. Place mixture on the wrap and top with your favourite greens. (Try baby spinach or arugula)  Roll and enjoy. Can be prepped ahead but wrap well and refrigerate for no more than three hours. 

Wrap and enjoy. 

Vegan Wrap 
Spread the vegan cream cheese on wrap. 

Finely slice tomatoes, avocado, red onion, cucumber, or any other favourite veg and season with salt and pepper and a bit of lemon to make it zing. Place a handful of sprouts on wrap and top with veggies in any proportion you like.   

Roll, wrap, enjoy.  

Treasure Trove of Wraps

Over 38 flavour-packed veggie wraps on the BBC site –our favs: Mexican Chicken and Black Bean; Crab and Avocado; Cheese & Chilli melts dipped into your favourite infused consommé — simply delish.  

Also check out The Stingy Vegan for some great wrap recipes.