Every system in your body is regulated by what you eat.

Cooking With Infused Consommé

How do you make the savoury goodness of infused consomme part of your daily meal plans? The good news is it’s easy.

Tantalizing Sides

Whether accompanying a nourishing bowl of hand crafted soup or a warm cup of infused consommé, the right side dish can make a perfect light meal.

Roasting Veggies in Broth

When root veggies are ‘roasted’ in broth, the veggies absorb the adaptive nutrition in the infused consommé. The resulting melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness can be served as a side dish or just nibbled on throughout the day.

Wrap It Up

Making savoury wraps, much like a great sandwich, are not fussy but flavourful. The key is to first determine what kind of wraps works for you.