Fire Roasted Tomato Vegetarian Blend




All sipping broths are prepared by hand in small batches, using filtered water,  regionally sourced organic seasonal vegetables and herbs, free range organic chicken and/or grass fed beef. Using the traditional French method of consommé preparation, broths are simmered for hours using only the finest ingredients.  We add our own black garlic as a flavour enhancer which makes all the blends low in sodium.

No, black garlic doesn’t taste like regular garlic – rather it’s a complex blend of flavours — sweet, sour, salty — but in a very subtle way.  And yes, all infused broth blends are also perfect for cooking. See recipes posted at Your Inner Chef

To Reheat: Ideally warm on stovetop — do not boil. Takes about five minutes. If you’re in a hurry, heat in a microwave safe container in your microwave for 60 seconds. Please note: Black garlic is an umami that deepens flavour, so if you require additional salt and/or pepper, go slowly as the flavourings intensify quickly.


*Vegetarian Broth,   roasted beet infusion ( * herb incrusted roasted beets, *onions,  *turmeric, *black garlic,)  fortified with ++Functional Mushroom Extract
*Organic Ingredients, Regionally Sourced

++  Read More About The Power of Functional Mushrooms

All mushroom extracts are processed in Canada. Organically grown, no  starch, mycelium or grains are used in processing and are scientifically verified by independent labs.

Please Note: Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating or have a medical condition or are taking any medication.

 Packaging may vary due to Covid-19 impact on packaging supply chain.