Chaga Infusion for Immune Support & Inflammation


Delicious and satisfying, this premium infused broth is the new gold standard crafted to deliver the nutrients the body requires and the taste you crave.  Blended specifically for sipping, our infusions are  brimming with feel good nutrition to help support a healthier you.   Keto and Paleo friendly.

  • Slow Simmered Broth – Promotes digestive health,  eases joint discomfort and  supports a healthy immune system. Rich in electrolytes to help combat dehydration and inflammation. Supports illness, injury or surgery recovery.
  • Superfoods & Adaptogens – Functional mushroom and adaptogenic herbs blends to support wellness.
  • Daily Wellness Ritual – Ideal for meal replacement, pre and post workout or as a nutrient rich liquid snack. Perfect for just before bedtime. Warm and enjoy often.
  • No Artificial Ingredients – Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Non-GMO, No Preservatives, No Sugars, No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Pure Energy – Without the heavy calorie load.




Sip Your Way To Wellness

To harness the power of  protein, collagen, amino acids and minerals, our premium broths are handcrafted in small batches from organic, regionally sourced ingredients.  To gently extract and protect these health-supporting compounds and to provide greater bioavailability,  we slow simmer our broths for 24 – 48 hours using the traditional French method.  Then we infused each blend for specific well-being support.

With a focus on balance and  versatility our infusions are also perfect for cooking. See recipes posted at Your Inner Chef

Slow Simmered Chicken Bone Broth Infused With
Fire Roasted Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric & Herbs
with Chaga Functional Mushroom Extract*

*Functional Mushroom Extracts eliminate unpleasant tastes and ensures high bio-availability, purity and consistency.  Read More About The Power of Functional Mushrooms

All mushroom extracts are processed in Canada. Organically grown, no  starch, mycelium or grains are used in processing and are scientifically verified by independent labs.

Please Note: Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating or have a medical condition or are taking any medication.

Packaging may vary due to Covid-19 impact on packaging supply chain.