Braising in Broth

When veggies are ‘roasted’ in broth, they are braised. Meaning not dry roasted and not steamed – rather the veggies bask in the broth,  absorbing its  adaptive nutrients while becoming melt in your mouth deliciousness.  They can be served as a side dish but I make some at the beginning of the day and just nibbled them away..

Pureeing is these veggies is a great way to introduce infants to their first taste of the plant family. Or  if you’re looking for a thickener for soups or stews, without dairy or gluten,  after roasting place in blender and whirl till  smooth and add to dish you want thickened.  


  • Assorted root vegetables like carrots, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato cut into small pieces  
  • Use chicken or beef infused broth – according to taste.
  • Butter
  • Sea salt
  • Cracked pepper
  • Thyme leaves


Heat oven to 400. Place veggies in oven proof dish and add just enough bone broth to cover the vegetables by half. Remember different thickness, different  roast time. —  different veggies, different roast time.  So try to keep the size of veggie cuts even and roast by vegetables category. Spread dollops of butter over veggies.

Season with salt, pepper.  Scatter some thyme over veggies.

Bake uncovered  until veggies are soft and cooked through.  Veggies may need a bit more broth if the bottom of pan is drying out. But use just enough to moisten veggies, not drown them. 

Cover with lid or foil until ready to eat.

Steam or par boil green veggies like broccoli and zucchini and add to prepared root vegetables just before serving. 

Roast veggies first, set aside. Roast chicken, then let rest under aluminum foil tent while warming veggies melted butter and sliced garlic. Plate and serve.