Literally, sous vide means ‘under vacuum’. It’s a French method of cooking using  immersion circulation.  Food that’s been vacuumed packed is immersed in a water bath and slowly cooks to a precise level of doneness.  Used by professional cooks and high-end restaurants for years, the advantages are considerable.

No Flames No Steam No Smoke

Sous vide differs from traditional cooking practices because the food never comes into contact with a heated metal surface.  Instead the water bath is kept at the same temperature for the entire cook time.

Precise Temperature Control

The perfectly heated water never fluctuates in temperature and is in constant motion to ensure there are no hot or cool spots. The cooking progress is gradual and controlled and never exceeds the desired temperature.

What Does Sous Vide Food Taste Like?

The short answer is amazing. The sous vide process locks in flavours, natural juices and nutrition because the process prevents evaporation.  Food never dries outs so flavour, texture and nutrition are all dramatically enhanced.

Nutrition Retention

Health and wellbeing are at the centre  of everything we do at the Good Food Guide.  When we discovered  research proved sous vide cooking allows for the highest retention of nutrients compared to steaming or boiling we were sold. 

Reduction of Food Waste

Sous vide reduces waste to a marked degree. Natural juices stay in the vacuum sealed bag so no need to buy products to supplement.  Serving sizes  ensure the ‘just enough factor’ whether serving a meal for 10 or a party of one.  And, at the Good Food Guide kitchen all scrapes are repurposed, some go to pets, some to compose, some to stock, so no waste. 

Food Safety

Sous vide foods are vacuum sealed in an airtight, food grade, non toxic bag reducing the risk of contamination. 

Sous vide food is pasteurized  slowly in a precise temperature controlled water bath until it’s evenly cooked to perfection.  The taste, texture and nutritional value Sous Vide Sides  provide cannot be achieved by other methods of food prep.  

Is Sous Vide Sustainable?

We are committed to sustainable practices in everything we do. Preparing Sous Vide Sides may just be the ultimate sustainable experience. The process uses less water than traditional cooking and it’s the most efficient process to transfer energy to the food being cooked.  

The vacuum bags are recyclable. And,  just to be sure to we meet different regional recycling policies, they’re also biodegradable .  

Did We Mention Convenience?

Sous Vide Sides removes the guess work and stress of juggling time variables and levels of doneness.  Producing a more efficient workflow in your kitchen can be a big bonus when preparing meals. Less labour without extraneous steps or time sensitive procedures means you can focus on creative inner chef. 

For example Sous Vide Sides in a salad or mixed to create an interesting accompaniment to your main or served in a comforting homemade soup.  The ability to just open and warm means you create your version of a  perfectly prepared meal within minutes.    

All Sous Vide Sides are regionally sourced, always organic and made fresh to order. Cooked to their tender ideal, full of natural nutrients and melt-in-your-mouth flavour they help make every meal satisfying and healthy.