Safety First

Food and employee safety is the cornerstone of our business, now and everyday. We are dedicated to maintaining extremely high quality standards. Our stringent everyday safety standards have never been so important.

All safety measures are subject to change in real time as we continue to adapt and evolve in response to conditions that surround COVID19

  • Tamper-proof seals on all packaging + delivery bags
  • Food is produced in a facility that surpasses requirements for good food processing standards.
  • Strict sanitation practices for employees including full hair and face coverings, smocks to cover clothing and disposable protective gloves.

In light of COVID-19 and to support our new delivery program, we’ve added the following precautions to our production:

  • Procedures to protect production workers
    • Facility limited to essential personnel only
    • Vigilant everyday sanitization including cleaning spaces not associated with food production
  • To protect delivery drivers
    • Contact-free delivery with “leave at door” option for added peace of mind
    • Delivery times are staggered to avoid congregation
    • Gloves and face masks are worn throughout the delivery and changed after each stop. Hand sanitizer is required between each stop