For some, making gravy from scratch seems too intimidating—but in reality there is a  quick and easy way to make gravy with just a few simple steps.

Our infused consommés already have deep flavours.  So  the first step is to pick a consommé to match your main. 

If turkey or pork roast is on the menu, use the chicken or hearth infusion. Serving beef or lamb? Use a hearth infusion.  Need a gravy for your vegetarian dish or a fish dish our vegetarian consommés have  got you covered.  

Starter Hints  –

  • .  Yes, your gravy can be gluten free.  Our favourite gluten free thickeners: organic corn starch, arrowroot, potato starch, rice flour, ground flax seeds and our favourite pureed veggies.
  • You can take your gravy up a notch by adding: fresh herbs like thyme, sage, chopped parsley; or a bit of mustard for character.
  • Add sliced mushrooms or finish with a bit of heat by adding your favourite hot sauce.
  •  If you want to use wine use just a splash.  No more than 125 ml or 1/2 cup depending on preference. For a beef or pork roast use red wine; for turkey or chicken gravy  white wine. Marsala wine, Sherry or Port will give the gravy a deeper and slightly sweet taste.
  •  Always taste your gravy at the end to determine if more seasoning is needed.  

Gravy can be made up to 5 days in advance   – commercial kitchens do this all the time.

Just let cool; cover and chill. Store in covered dish.

Reheat over low heat before serving.

The Perfect Gravy

Remove meat from the roasting pan.  Pour 3/4 of cold infused consommé of choice  directly into  roasting pan.  Heat to a boil.  HINT: Our consommé has most of the fat removed. For fuller flavour, add a dollop of butter allowing it to melt before proceeding.

In a measuring cup add 2 tablespoons of the desired thickener and add remaining 1/3 c of cold consommé.  

Choices of thickeners:  Organic corn starch or potato starch works well.  As does brown rice flour. For a creamy gravy without dairy soak 1/4 cup of cashews in water for about 1/2 hour. Remove from water and blend until smooth.  

HINT:  If using dry  ingredient place in cup first Then add wet. You’ll get less clumps.   Blend well with fork or small whisk.

When consommé in the pan is at a boil, slowly add the cold thickened mixture and stir until the gravy has reached desired thickness. Do not walk away. Keep stirring until gravy arrives at required consistency. Season to taste.

If gravy is too thick turn down heat and slowly add small amounts of cold consommé or water while stirring.  If too thin, prepare a bit more thickener.  Bring gravy in the pan back to a boil and add thickener. Keep stirring until your arrive at your desired thickness.

If you do not have roasting pan drippings, the same process can be used in a cooking pot.  Add cold consommé and bring to boil.  Prepare thickener and add slowly stirring constantly.  Once consistency is prefect, season to taste.